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Apex Kings
Jan 18 2022

Apex Kings NFT Racing Trailer

Apex Kings is a car collecting and racing game. You can collect all kinds of cars and race with them against real people. Apex Kings will feature authentic cars from real manufacturers. Collect your favorite cars in your favorite color, edition, specification, and vintage.

Check the trailer in Apex Kings NFT Racing Website


Apex Kings is a car collecting and racing game. Collect cars and race with them against real people. Based on blockchain technology, backed by real brands.
More info:
Race Team Rivals will add a unique collection of NFT cars, that can be used to race within the Race Team Rivals mobile game. Collect these unique jaw dropping car NFTs and if you want you can race with them too, in the Race Team Rivals mobile game.
Become a legendary manager in Race Team Rivals!
Build your dream base and shape your ultimate racing team. Race against players around the world in exciting online PVP battles. Compete to claim hundreds of epic cars and help engineers to make them even faster!
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Love, pride, and prejudice put together in one mysterious puzzle. Elizabeth has a story to tell.
Join Elizabeth in this romance story of repercussions for hasty judgments and come to appreciate the difference between superficial goodness and actual goodness.
Wipe the dust off from old items and find new ones, merge them into something more useful and earn surprising treasures.
Unveil the classic story, with an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve.

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